Zakharova commented on reports of the threat of a Russian attack on Ukraine

Zakharova: statements by NATO countries about the threat of a Russian attack on Ukraine are not supported by anything

Official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) commented on the reports of the threat of an attack by the Russian Federation on Ukraine, the correspondent of “” reports.

According to Zakharova, such statements made by the United States and other NATO countries are not supported by anything. “Such a real choir. Kiev did not join this choir right away, but it did. At first, they denied any activity on their borders, “she said during a briefing on Thursday, November 25.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman claims that nothing happened on the border with Ukraine,” redeployments and maneuvers “of Russian troops were carried out on Russian territory. “The goal of that massive information campaign is to whip up anti-Russian hysteria,” Zakharova said.

Previously, Maria Zakharova rejected accusations by France and Germany that Russia had refused to negotiate the conflict in Donbass. “Neither verbally, nor in writing, we refused to negotiate, we discussed the agenda and the final document,” the diplomat said.