TV star complained about obscene messages from boys in her bikini photo

Model Zara McDermott stated that boys are asking her to have sex

Love Island reality star model Zara McDermott ( Zara McDermott) complained about obscene messages she receives from minors on social media. She spoke about this in the BBC documentary Uncovering Rape Culture.

24-year-old McDermott, who regularly participates in explicit advertising campaigns and is photographed in bikini and underwear, said that she regularly reads conflicting compliments from children … According to her, the boys turn to her with requests to have sex. “I'm shocked, because they are only 11 years old,” she said.

The TV star believes that such messages are the flip side of her work in the modeling industry. “My work gives me the opportunity to travel and participate in glamorous filming, but my pictures in revealing outfits are available to everyone, which is why I often become a victim of online harassment,” concluded the celebrity.

In June, a Ukrainian woman with with one and a half meter hair, she revealed the indecent requests of men on the network. Katherine Demers, who currently resides in the UK, said she often finds herself in the center of unwanted attention thanks to her hairstyle. She explained that she often receives vulgar compliments from strangers.