The Russians named the most expensive foreign travel destinations

Maldives and Seychelles named the most expensive foreign destinations for Russians Their words are quoted by URA.RU/a>. said the president of the “Ural Tourism Association” Mikhail Maltsev.

The specialist included New Zealand, Colombia and the countries of Black Africa in the first group, where the cost of the trip is influenced by individual programs, instructors and security. The second – the Maldives and Seychelles.

Natalia Osipova, executive director of the Alliance of Travel Agencies agreed with her colleague. She noted that the Maldives and Seychelles are considered the most expensive and popular luxury resorts, which are not mass destinations due to the high price tag. “The Emirates cannot enter this list because there are hotels for every budget,” she added.

Earlier in November, Russian tourists were warned of an impending shortage of places in Maldives hotels during the New Year period. According to tour operators, the republic is one of the most demanded resorts for the New Year holidays among domestic travelers, and therefore it is no longer possible to find vacant rooms in many accommodation facilities.



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