The court arrested the Shubin house in the Vrublevsky case

Moscow Regional Court: the decision of the Odintsovo court was canceled, the Shubins' house was arrested Vladimir Shubin and Pavel Vrublevsky, according to the official information on the website of the judicial authority. A decision was made, which came into effect immediately on the judicial arrest of the subject of the dispute – the Shubins' house on Nikolina Gora and his car.

Also, the Department of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption (UEB and PC) of the Moscow Region accepted for production all statements about the unlawful actions of Vladimir Shubin and his wife and began a check for detecting possible crimes.

“As I said earlier, I count on the triumph of justice in this matter and intend to go all the way. I very much hope that the UEB and PC will adequately check and confirm my assumptions about the presence of corpus delicti of the Shubins' family under Articles 159, 198 and 171 of the Criminal Code of Russia, that is, two episodes of fraud in my regard – with the means of deposits for a house that was impossible to sell and an unprecedented attempt at fraud in relation to already paid funds right during the trial, as well as in relation to the clearly illegal business of Shubina, who rented out real estate as an individual, while simultaneously being registered as an individual entrepreneur, and then liquidated to her, ”commented Pavel Vrublevsky on recent events .

On November 16, 2021, the Odintsovo City Court of the Moscow Region considered Pavel Vrublevsky's claim against Vladimir and Svetlana Shubin. According to Vrublevsky, in 2010 he and his family rented a house from Shubin for 10 thousand dollars a month. Then the price was reduced to 5 thousand dollars. Shubin tried several times to break the lease, but changed his mind. Then the Vrublevskys wanted to buy a house, but the deal fell through on the initiative of the owner. Pavel Vrublevsky believes that he lost almost half a million dollars on rent and renovation of the house. In court, Vrublevsky tried to get the lease to be recognized as a “deal made under the influence of deception.” He was denied this claim, and the Shubins' claim for eviction was satisfied.

Earlier, Pavel Vrublevsky, who is in the process of litigation against businessman Vladimir Shubin, filed an application with the Department of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption (UEB and PK ) Of the Moscow Region on the verification of the illegal activities of Svetlana Shubina in the framework of the conflict about fraudulent actions when renting a house on Nikolina Gora.

Novye Izvestia wrote that in addition to the dispute with Pavel Vrublevsky, Vladimir Shubin is also involved in other land lawsuits. In particular, Shubin is the owner of a car service on the Warsaw Highway in Moscow, around which there is also a dispute. The plaintiff is the city government, and the subject of the dispute is the illegal construction of a service on a site intended for landscaping and landscaping.

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