Russia announced the “disappearance” of asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19

Immunologist Bolibok: there are fewer asymptomatic patients in Russia due to the “delta” strain patients with COVID-19 during the last wave of infection in Russia decreased. The doctor explained the “disappearance” of such patients in an interview with Sputnik radio.

According to the doctor, there are fewer asymptomatic carriers of coronavirus in Russia due to the speed with which the “delta” strain attacks the human body. Bolibok stressed that more and more Russians are experiencing signs of illness and are turning to doctors for help.

“This is due to the fact that the” delta “strain of the coronavirus is more aggressive. It is not only transmitted faster from person to person, but also spreads faster from cell to cell inside a person. The immune system does not have time to ward off the infection, so more people experience symptoms, “Bolibok explained.

The specialist added that statistics do not include all cases of coronavirus infection, since some asymptomatic patients do not go to hospitals, do not go to self-isolation and spread the infection.

“I also think that people who were previously convinced that they get sick with COVID-19 easily do not go to doctors if they feel unwell. They do not want to wait for a doctor, they do not want to receive a prescription for self-isolation, and so on. Such selfishness leads to the fact that these people are not examined and are not taken into account in statistics, but they go and spread the infection, “the immunologist concluded.

Earlier, Russia announced that it had reached a plateau of coronavirus. Infectious disease doctor Andrei Pozdnyakov stressed that the stabilization of the situation does not depend on the actions of citizens.