Revealed an important advantage of “living” walls

University of Plymouth Scientists: Plants on Home Walls Reduced Heat Loss by 30 Percent cultivation of plants on the facades of houses. One of the important reasons for creating a “living” wall was a significant reduction in heat loss, according to the website of the educational institution.

The researchers decided to conduct an experiment on the building of the Center for Sustainable Development on the university campus. On one part of the wall of the western facade, they placed a canvas of greenery, and did not touch the other. For five weeks, scientists monitored the changes and found that the side with the plants retained 31.4 percent better heat inside the building.

Among other benefits of living walls, experts called improved air quality, noise reduction, conservation biodiversity and savings on heating bills. In addition, all of these effects work equally well for old and new homes.

In October, the British were asked to grow plants on roofs to contribute to the rescue from global warming. According to experts, a thick layer of soil on a flat roof can reduce the temperature in the building by 12 degrees in summer and protect it from flooding in winter and in the off-season. The ecologists also found plants on the walls useful – they can cool the south side of the house by 32 degrees and consume 59 percent less electricity.



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