Muscovite spoke to telephone scammers and mortgaged two apartments

A resident of Moscow transferred 16 million rubles to telephone scammers million rubles, reports “Komsomolskaya Pravda” with reference to a source in law enforcement agencies.

As a resident of Moscow told police, a few months ago she received a call from an unknown man who introduced himself as a security officer of a large bank. He said that suspicious activity was noticed on the accounts of a Muscovite: someone allegedly was trying to get loans in the woman’s name. the limit will be reached. The victim believed the caller, took out a loan and transferred the funds through an ATM to a “safe” account indicated by the attacker.

Subsequently, the scammers learned that the woman owned two apartments in Moscow. They called her again and said that some people are now trying to get loans secured by her real estate. A Muscovite for the second time fell for the bait of swindlers, went to the bank and herself received loans secured by two apartments. She transferred all the money to an account dictated by the criminals. The police are currently looking for callers.

Earlier in November, a similar case was reported in the Voronezh region. A local resident lost two apartments after talking to telephone scammers. The woman voluntarily sold the property and transferred the proceeds to unidentified persons.



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