Immunologist warned anti-vaccines wishing to infect themselves with COVID-19

Immunologist Kryuchkov called anti-vaccines the disadvantages of infection: you can die young Kryuchkov, in a conversation with, warned anti-vaccine users who want to infect themselves with COVID-19 on their own.

Earlier, Deputy Chairman of the LDPR faction, head of the State Duma Committee on Labor, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs Yaroslav Nilov told “That in Russia, as in Europe, there are people who want to get sick with COVID-19 on their own instead of being vaccinated.

The immunologist said that this practice is unsafe, and explained why:” We can look at the lethality, it is present in all age groups, even in the group of young people without chronic diseases, that is, even in this case, you can die, of course, that the probability is small, but there is a risk. In addition, do not forget that if you went to get infected, you can infect someone from your loved ones, sick and elderly people – this is a problem. ”

Kryuchkov also noted that those wishing to become infected with COVID-19 should not forget about postcoid syndrome, which is significantly pronounced in young and middle-aged people, including those without chronic diseases. “Those who are moderately severe, seriously ill have severe symptoms that affect their quality of life. They persist for at least six months in more than half, that is, about 60 percent of people, ”said the immunologist.

Among the main symptoms of postcoid syndrome, he identified insomnia, anxiety, depression, severe panic attacks, headaches, general weakness: loss of concentration, impaired attention, fog in the head.



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