Biden's attempts to block sanctions against Nord Stream 2 explained

Senator Klimov said that Russia was building Nord Stream 2 for Europe, not for itself

Russia was building the Northern stream-2 “, because Europe needs it, and not the Russian Federation itself, said the senator of the Federation Council Andrei Klimov. In a conversation with, he explained that US President Joe Biden is trying to block sanctions against Nord Stream 2, as he understands its need for Germany and does not want to spoil relations with the country's new government.

The administration President Biden has decided to seek the removal of sanctions against Nord Stream 2 from the draft defense budget for the next fiscal year. The Biden administration has already tried to prevent attempts to impose sanctions on German organizations involved in the construction of the pipeline, which angered Republicans in Congress.

Who Needs Nord Stream 2

Klimov believes that Biden, as a person with solid political experience, unlike many others who are now making decisions in the United States, understands that the deterioration of relations with Germany against the backdrop of sanctions on the gas pipeline can seriously weaken the position of Americans in NATO and within the EU.

“Moreover, the structure of the German government is changing now, solutions can be very different. And Biden wants to at least pretend that he takes into account the interests of his foreign colleagues. But in general, when we begin to take such an interest in this issue, a false impression is formed that we need Nord Stream 2 more than anyone else in this world. Although we built it precisely because Europe needed it, “the senator said.

He said that he attended some high-level meetings where this need was obvious. The politician stressed: Russia does not impose its own gas. On the contrary, it meets European business and management halfway by providing them with a stable supply of energy resources.

“Of course, the more we get into this story, the more pity the money spent, the time it gets. But even from this point of view, all this should worry us less than the European partners. It is they who should solve all the problems with the Americans, which, by the way, was what [and. O. German Chancellor] Angela Merkel, “Klimov recalled.

In October, the US administration refused to impose sanctions against Nord Stream 2 against the will of Congress, restrictions will not be implemented during the presidency of the current leader Joe Biden. p>