Azerbaijani sappers talk about unusual Armenian booby traps

During demining, the Azerbaijani military stumbled upon mines in water pipes for mine clearance in Azerbaijan Ekhtiram Jafarov. Telegram-channel “Karabakh Today” reports this.

“Inside and near the water pipes, the Armenians have planted small mines, which, at first glance, seem to be some kind of unusual objects, which is why they attract attention,” Jafarov said. Such mines were laid on the territory of Aghdam and Fizuli regions, where Azerbaijanis stumbled upon them.

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According to him, this method of mining is prohibited by the norms of international humanitarian law. Because of this, sappers during demining have to act as carefully as possible, and the risk of death of people is significantly increased.

roads cleared of mines, ”Jafarov urged his compatriots to be more careful and, if a mine is found, to contact the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan. Mine clearance is still ongoing.

Earlier, the chairman of the Federation Council of Russia Valentina Matvienko said that Armenia and Azerbaijan had reached an agreement on the use of a common source for the demarcation of the state border. This source will be Soviet maps from the archives of the Russian Ministry of Defense.