An alternative to a cheap mortgage has been found in Russia

Member of the Federation Council Shevchenko called for the development of social rental housing in Russia housing conditions – social rent. This was stated by a member of the Federation Council, head of the regional policy committee Andrei Shevchenko, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports.

According to the senator, the construction of single rental houses in a number of regions will not help to reverse the situation with the provision of housing for citizens in need. primarily the poor. The problem with the shortage of housing is complex, Shevchenko stressed. He also pointed out the absence of a civilized rental market in the country: according to the parliamentarian, citizens who rent out apartments are not registered either as self-employed or as individual entrepreneurs.

Shevchenko found a solution to the problem by proposing to introduce measures of state support for developers. building rental housing. We are talking, in particular, about the gratuitous provision of land plots, obtaining cheap loans, as well as tax incentives.

Earlier it became known that the demand for renting suburban real estate in Russia for the year increased by 19 percent. In November, compared with October indicators, the demand for rental housing outside the cities increased by 39 percent, experts calculated. In annual terms, the popularity of the “fence” has grown most of all in Dagestan – by 2.2 times.



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