Adult haircut popular in the 70s became a trend in children

Popular among 70s rockers, the mullet haircut has become popular among the children of Australia in Australia. This is reported by the Daily Mail.

This is a mullet haircut, which is characterized by short hair at the crown and elongated hair at the back. It is noted that this hairstyle was common among 70s rockers and symbolized freedom, challenge and rebellion.

According to the material, hairdressers from Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide noted a high demand for the described haircut among children, adolescents and people older age. “Teenage boys want mullet more than anyone else,” said Rebecca Pereira, manager of Australian barbershop Tommy Guns Parramatta.

Due to the popularity of the mullet, Waverley College in Sydney's eastern suburb has made a decision prohibit students from attending classes with this hairstyle. According to hairdressers, teachers in all private and Catholic schools send children to beauty salons during lessons. “School rules prohibit students from wearing hair that reaches the length of the collar,” Pereira explained.

In addition to children and adolescents, haircuts have become popular among adult men and women in their 20s and 50s, according to the article. “Honestly, I don't have a single friend left who doesn't have a mullet,” said Charlie, the owner of Tooth and Nail salon in Australia.

In April, hairdressers named the haircuts that became fashionable in 2021. After the end of the quarantine imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, visitors to beauty salons prefer to shorten their hair. For example, a shaggy haircut is currently popular, which means “shaggy” in English.