A mistake in a man's tattoo made netizens laugh

The tattoo artist inscribed the phrase Rembeber me instead of the necessary Remember me on the client's body … The photo, published in the closed Facebook group That's It, I'm ink Shaming (“This is how I scoff at tattoos”), drew attention to The Sun.

A young man, name which is not specified, showed a new pattern on his body. According to him, he originally planned to depict a crying dolphin on the back with the inscription Remember me in English.

However, the tattoo artist made a mistake in the phrase and instead of the necessary Remember me wrote Rembeber me. Despite this, the man was not upset about the result of his work. “I finally got myself a crying dolphin tattoo! I know there is a mistake in the lettering, but it's just one letter, so it doesn't really matter. Plus I got a discount! ” – he shared.

Netizens were amused by the tattoo of a young man. “It's so bad that I even like it”, “It's very funny”, “I want the same tattoo! It's incredibly funny “,” Guys, everything is in order, the most important thing is that he got a discount, “” I can't believe my eyes, “the users wrote.

Earlier in November, the guy left his beloved with a tattoo on his name on her face. OnlyFans platform model Kazumi Squirts said that she decided to put the initials of her lover on the inside of her lip as a gift for the anniversary of the relationship. The heroine of the article complained that a week later the young man decided to part with her and asked to move out of his apartment.



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