Ukraine fears a breakthrough of migrants from Belarus to Europe through Chernobyl

Exercises began in Chernobyl due to the migration crisis in Belarus , the press service of the National Police of the country reported.

According to the head of the department, Igor Klimenko, on Wednesday, November 24, the exercises were conducted by officers and employees of the State Border Service, the National Guard and the National Police. “All scenarios of a possible escalation of the migration crisis in border towns and villages are being worked out,” he said. The measures are aimed at improving the coordination of the work of the security forces in the cities and districts neighboring Belarus. The trainings will last for two weeks, during which it is necessary to develop algorithms for possible actions of migrants.

The head of the National Police of the Kiev region, Andrey Nebytov, recalled that military exercises are also held on the territory of Chernobyl. This, he said, complicates the task. The exclusion zone accounts for 34 kilometers of the state border common with Belarus. Ukraine fears a breakthrough of migrants from Belarus to Europe through Chernobyl.

In addition, they decided to “strengthen” the border with Belarus and send 8,500 Ukrainian servicemen there.

Earlier, Kiev announced the beginning carrying out the special operation “Polesie” at the border. The migration crisis on the border of Belarus and the EU countries escalated in early November. Thousands of refugees from the Middle East have accumulated there, trying to break through to Europe.



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