The Russian middle class has increased salaries

SberCIB: the salary of the middle class in Russia has grown to 42,900 rubles (according to the results of the third quarter amounted to 42.9 thousand rubles), and savings reached 54.7 thousand rubles per family member. This is stated in the study “Ivanov's Consumer Index” by SberCIB Investment Research.

Average salaries increased the most among workers in heavy industry, taxis, transport and public catering – by 30 percent compared to the third quarter of last year. In agriculture, the growth was 27 percent, in retail trade – 22 percent. According to experts, wages have skyrocketed due to labor shortages.

The middle class also has increased spending on groceries. In the third quarter of 2020, the conditional “Ivanovs” spent 37 percent of their income on food, a year later – 38.1 percent. At the same time, the share of those for whom prices are an important factor when choosing a store fell by two percentage points over the quarter, to 64 percent. However, inflation has become one of the Ivanovs' main fears: it worries half of the respondents. The biggest fear in the middle class is health problems. The share of consumers fearing unemployment decreased by seven percentage points (to 43 percent) over the year.

Earlier it was reported that the minimum wage in the US McDonald's exceeded the income of almost all Russians. The lowest paid employee of the network, when fully loaded, receives $ 1,760 a month (about 130 thousand rubles).



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