The man was specially infected with the coronavirus at a party and died

LADBible: Austrian contracted COVID-19 on purpose at a party in Italy and died

Austrian died after attending a special party to infect the coronavirus. LADBible writes about this.

The incident took place in the South Tyrol region in northern Italy. The 55-year-old man decided to deliberately become infected with the coronavirus in order to get a “green pass” necessary for employment and visiting places of leisure.

Three more people were hospitalized with the Austrian, including a small child, they managed to survive. According to Patrick Franzoni, the coordinator of the unit for combating COVID-19 in the city of Bolzano, such parties should be banned, since anti-vaccines “do not realize that the virus is very dangerous even for children and young people.”

Previously, the resort police Pattaya in Thailand has arrested more than a dozen participants in an illegal party for violating anti-coronavirus restrictions. Moreover, most of the detainees are foreign tourists. The police officers who arrived saw a company of three Thais and 18 foreign citizens, they drank alcohol and talked, ignoring the restrictions in force in the country.