The infectious disease specialist named the signs of the asymptomatic course of the coronavirus

Infectionist Timakov: with asymptomatic COVID-19, fatigue and sneezing appear

The asymptomatic course of coronavirus can be recognized by a number of signs. They were named by an infectious disease doctor Yevgeny Timakov, according to Narodnye Novosti.

According to him, in medicine there is a concept of “non-deferential symptoms” – manifestations of a disease that a person does not recognize.

“ If a person has a sore throat in the morning, then few people pay attention to him. And this symptom can signal the presence of a coronavirus infection. Runny nose, sneezing, fatigue may occur. There is no asymptomatic coronavirus, there are only unrecognized symptoms, “Timakov said.

He explained that in order to self-identify the asymptomatic course of the virus, it is necessary to compare the symptoms that have appeared with the usual state. It is important to determine how badly a sore throat or a stuffy nose is, said the infectious disease specialist.

The specialist emphasized that a person with an asymptomatic course of coronavirus is not a super-spread of infection. Such a patient is dangerous only in close contact, Timakov said.

“At first, a person's disease may be asymptomatic and low-symptom, and a week later the patient may be hospitalized in a serious condition,” he stressed.

Earlier, virologist Maxim Skulachev called a condition for asymptomatic infection with a delta strain. According to him, for this it is necessary to have a strong innate immunity or to have previously transferred other variants of infection.