The head physician offered to show the work of the red zones and help doctors

The head physician of the infectious diseases hospital Krasnova invited the Russians to show the work of the red zones a letter offering to show opponents of the coronavirus vaccination the work of red zones in hospitals. She told TASS about this.

According to the head physician, it will be more effective not only to look, but also to help the doctors. “I’m ready to take you to the red zones, and we have several of them, including in infectious diseases wards, in intensive care units, surgical and pediatric wards, as well as in a maternity hospital,” she suggested, noting that it would be more effective not just to see and to help the hospital staff, having at least a shift on duty with them.

Krasnova noted that Russians will be able to feel for themselves that everything is “not just serious, everything is too serious.” She also said that visitors to the red zones will be able to look into the eyes of those who do not believe the opinions of experts and scientific evidence.

“You, like us, will see tears, tantrums, regrets of family and friends, difficult losses every day “, – said Krasnova, stating that often this could have been avoided, as the patients themselves say.

Earlier, the chief doctors of large covid hospitals in Russia were invited to an” excursion “to the red zones of hospitals where patients with COVID lie -19, known anti-vaccines. These are the leaders of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and “Fair Russia” Gennady Zyuganov and Sergei Mironov, Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Pyotr Tolstoy, political scientist Sergei Kurginyan, actress Maria Shukshina, singer Natalya Vetlitskaya, TV presenter Oscar Kuchera, musician Konstantin Kinchev, singer and composer Yuri Loza.



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