Russians were given a week to pay taxes on houses and apartments

“Rossiyskaya Gazeta”: property owners must pay taxes by December 1

Until December 1, 2021, Russians must pay taxes for 2020 year – in particular, the tax on real estate and land, as well as transport, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. The owners of apartments, rooms, houses, plots and cars will have to pay the required amounts.

There is a week left to pay taxes, the newspaper notes. For individuals, amounts are charged by the tax inspectorate based on data on property. You can pay for receipts on the website of the Federal Tax Service (FTS) – for this you will have to enter the bank card details. You can also use the online services of one of the partner banks of the Federal Tax Service. In addition, taxes are paid at bank offices, at the cash desks of local administrations, at the post office or at the MFC. At the same time, no commission is charged.

From December 2, unpaid taxes will turn into debt, the Federal Tax Service warned. Debtors will be sent requests for payment. If they are not fulfilled, the tax authority will go to court. For those who do not have tax benefits and have not yet received a notification of the need to pay taxes, the FTS recommends contacting any tax inspectorate, the MFC or submit a corresponding statement through the agency's website.

Previously, Russians were advised to take risks with non-payment taxes when renting apartments. In most cases, it is not difficult for tax authorities to track such housing, said the head of the Federal Tax Service Daniil Egorov.



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