Russian teacher accused of beating schoolchildren

In the village of Krasnogorskoye, Udmurtia, a teacher was accused of beating six children The incident is reported by REN TV.

A gymnasium teacher in the village of Krasnogorskoye, presumably, systematically used physical punishment to children. Six children of the elementary school suffered from the actions of the teacher.

The head of the Russian region, Alexander Brechalov, ordered an inspection. The teacher has already been suspended from work. Children and their parents were promised to provide psychological assistance.

Earlier in Yakutia, a physical education teacher beat a teenager in class. The student was diagnosed with a concussion, closed head injury and chest contusion. During a physical education lesson on the sports ground near the school, a verbal conflict occurred between the teacher and the ninth-grader, during which the teacher struck two blows on the student's head with a galvanized loop, and also hit him on the right hand and twice in the chest with his fist.

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