Residents of the Far North will receive monetary compensation for travel to the place of rest

The government decided to issue compensation to residents of the Far North for travel on vacation and back in 2020-2021, they will be able to receive monetary compensation in 2022. The corresponding decree of the Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin appeared on the website.

“Citizens who work in the Far North and equivalent territories, as well as their minor children, have the right to compensation,” the message says. p>

Once every two years, the employer reimburses the cost of travel and baggage to the place of vacation and back. According to the law, compensation is not paid if the employee does not apply on time. However, over the past two years, due to the coronavirus, most travel has been postponed, so it was decided to extend the period for receiving such compensation.

According to the decree, children of workers who have turned 18 years old are also eligible for compensation in 2022 .

Earlier it was reported that recreational trips to Crimea on subsidized flights are being organized for residents of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug. It is noted that vouchers to Crimea for Russians living in the Far North will become available in 2022.