In Russia, it was proposed to prohibit depriving families with children of their only home

Moskalkova: it is necessary to prohibit depriving families with minors of their only housing in which minor children are brought up. The words of the Ombudsman are quoted by RBC.

Moskalkova took the initiative at the All-Russian Coordination Council of the Ombudsman, noting that the eviction of citizens who have no other housing is considered an important problem. As an example, the Ombudsman told the story of one family from the Yaroslavl region – a spouse with three children could not service a mortgage, were left homeless and eventually settled in a monastery.

The authorities clarified that when making deals with housing, banks need to take into account clients' solvency. “Let the banks think to whom they give money, what they are taking risks. But at the same time, we must not reduce the possibility of this subsidization, “said Moskalkova.

Earlier, the Ombudsman for the Rights of the Child in Tatarstan, Irina Volynets, proposed to ban evictions for debts from apartments that were purchased with maternity funds. The initiative is connected with the fact that when the family is evicted, the child will actually lose the right to housing.