Honored coach of Russia detained for refusing to wear a mask explained

Honored swimming coach of Russia said that he nearly suffocated after being arrested at the St. Petersburg airport Pulkovo. The expert's explanation is given by Match TV.

He stated that he did not resist the law enforcement officers, but only asked them not to use physical force, as he was ready to follow them on his own. Ilyin also said that his refusal to wear the mask was due to his health condition. “I have shortness of breath, arrhythmia, I cannot wear a mask. I'm suffocating. I almost suffocated in my cell – my pills were taken away from me, ”the coach said.

The incident became known on November 23. The video recording of the arrest of Ilyin, who refused to wear a mask, was published by his ward, the European swimming champion Vitalina Simonova. Later, a criminal case was opened against her. The Russian woman is accused of insulting a government official during the incident.

Ilyin faces administrative responsibility. The trainer is suspected of disobeying the lawful order of a police officer.



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