Guzeeva denied her words about the absence of a vaccination certificate from Garkalin

The presenter Guzeeva said that she did not have information about the vaccination of the actor Garkalin Valeria Garkalina stated that she did not have such information. A post on this topic appeared on her Instagram account.

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“In a controversy with raging covid dissidents, I replied that Garkalin was not vaccinated ! She answered in defiance! Not knowing whether he is actually vaccinated or not! But only to stop the flow of anti-vaccine obscurantism! I didn’t try to catch Valery, but, on the contrary, wanted to protect him from a pack of madmen who wanted to prove their case at the expense of his name, ”Guzeeva said.

Previously, the TV presenter wrote about the artist’s lack of vaccination. Later, producer Yevgeny Fridlyand said that Garkalin had confessed to him in buying a certificate. At the same time, the actor's daughter Nina said that in the summer her father was vaccinated with two components of the Sputnik V drug.

Garkalina was hospitalized in a hospital in Kommunarka with confirmed COVID-19 in early October. Later he was connected to a ventilator and injected into a drug-induced coma. Doctors fought for the artist's life for several weeks, but they failed to save him – on November 20, Garkalin died.