China compared the Russian C-400 with the American THAAD system

Sina: the Russian S-400 system can intercept various targets complex THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) in China. The Sina portal named the advantages of the Russian development.

The publication notes that THAAD is designed to intercept medium and long-range ballistic missiles. The system is capable of intercepting missiles in the upper atmosphere. The complexes can be combined into a single network, which makes it possible to defend a vast territory.

The S-400 complex is positioned as a regional air defense system. The author of the material emphasizes that the Russian system can only intercept targets in the lower atmosphere. This determines the versatility of the S-400, which can engage ballistic missiles, drones and cruise missiles.

“In terms of overall functionality, the Russian S-400 is more like a universal complex. Therefore, despite the fact that a fragmentation method is used to intercept at medium and long distances, which is not as powerful as the kinetic interception of the American THAAD, its advantage is that the Russian air defense system is capable of multitasking “- summarizes Sina.

Previously, Popular Mechanics magazine described the use of the promising B-21 Raider bomber against the S-400. The publication suggested that the plane could fly past a Russian-developed system.