The trade union “Teacher” criticized Bastrykin's proposal to cancel the exam

Teacher Lukhovitsky, in response to Bastrykin's idea to cancel the Unified State Exam: it will take five years to shake the school

“Vsevolod Lukhovitsky criticized in a conversation with” “the proposal of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee (IC) of Russia Alexander Bastrykin to cancel the Unified State Exam (USE).

Earlier, the head of the security department called the USE” torture for young people “and called on to send legislative proposals for the revival of the Soviet education system.

“It is interesting that the representative of the executive branch confidently speaks at once about legislative initiatives, God is his judge. Bastrykin is not a specialist in the field of education, it is not clear why someone should listen to his opinion, said Lukhovitsky. – I hope that no one will think of this or next year to suddenly take and cancel the Unified State Exam. This will cause such torment for the children, and for the parents, and for the teachers that it will take five years to shake the school. Probably, Mr. Bastrykin knows very well what torture is, but as far as I know, most of the children, parents and teachers over the past 15 years have already got used to the form of the Unified State Exam. ”

According to the teacher, the question of the Unified State Exam requires a solution, but it must be solved carefully, since any changes are a “shake-up” of the entire school, and tens of thousands of children depend on them. “The main thing is that everything that is being done should be done very slowly, very gradually, and not by the decisions of our dear officials. You can't change anything on the go, ”said a member of the Teacher trade union. – Several years ago, as a trade union, we demanded a simple and clear thing, at least for five years to freeze all reforms in the education system. Enough, the school will not stand it, a couple more reforms and there will simply be no teachers left in the school, they can hardly pull it anyway. When a sick person doesn’t need to offer him new interesting entertainment, it’s impossible. ”

Soviet education, which was better in all respects, is a mythologeme, Lukhovitsky believes. “There was something better, there was something worse, in any case, in modern capitalist Russia, trying to suddenly completely return the Soviet education means returning the Soviet industry at least, so this is a completely meaningless conversation,” he concluded. >