The man was preparing the execution of investigators involved in the case of the Kazan shooter

TASS: an attempt on the life of investigators involved in the Galyaviev case was prevented in Kazan are investigating the case of an armed attack by 19-year-old Ilnaz Galyaviev on a school. This was reported to TASS by a law enforcement source.

According to him, the suspect arrived in the city from another region and settled in an apartment opposite the educational institution, which was attacked by the Kazan shooter. The detainee is 20 years old, he came to Kazan from Yakutia, specifies “Tatar-Inform”. He rented an apartment, the windows of which overlooked the main entrance of gymnasium No. 175.

The young man followed the investigators. He also took out a loan for the purchase of weapons and was preparing to shoot them.

The detainee is mentally unwell. He was sent for a psychological and psychiatric examination, after which he will undergo compulsory treatment.

Galyaviev staged a mass execution on May 11 in Kazan gymnasium No. 175. This is the largest school massacre in Russia in recent years. According to the investigation, after the explosion, he opened fire, as a result of which seven children and two teachers were killed. Another 24 people were injured. Galyaviev was arrested on charges of murder of two or more persons, for which life imprisonment is provided. Recently, experts recognized him as sane.



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