The deputy who called to shoot buyers of vaccination certificates explained

Deputy Sidorov explained with emotion the words about shootings for the purchase of covid certificates

and sell certificates of vaccination against coronavirus, explained his words with emotion. This is reported by

In an interview with the publication, Sidorov explained that his words were so emotional, since his wife died after being infected with the coronavirus, and he himself had been sick with COVID-19 for a month. At the same time, he did not abandon his position regarding the fact that those who buy and sell covid certificates and violate antiquity legislation should be “treated harshly.”

Earlier, “Komsomolskaya Pravda Ryazan” reported that Vladimir During a meeting of the Regional Duma, Sidorov urged to shoot people who buy and sell certificates of vaccination against coronavirus.

Honored Lawyer of Russia Ivan Solovyov warned that criminal liability for acquiring a fake vaccination certificate could come under Part 3 of Article 327 Of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. It provides for punishment in the form of restraint of liberty, forced labor or imprisonment for up to one year.