Russian city refused to be renamed in honor of Zhirinovsky

The authorities of Zhirnovsk called the idea to rename the city in honor of the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Zhirinovsky nonsense in the Volgograd region in honor of the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky. However, the local authorities considered this idea and called it nonsense. URA.RU writes about this in its Telegram channel.

“This is some kind of stupid or trolling idea,” the city authorities noted. According to them, the city will be named as usual.

The Zhirnovsk mayor's office stressed that the LDPR leader is treated with respect, but he has nothing to do with the city.

Previously, netizens remembered a video, circulated in 2008, showing Vladimir Zhirinovsky hunting birds from a train window. The footage shows how the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party takes a gun in his hands, leans out into the open window of the moving train and fires several shots, and then removes the shell casings and throws them onto the rails.



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