Information about Rosenbaum's letter to Putin turned out to be fake

The message about Rosenbaum's request to tell the truth about the coronavirus turned out to be unreliable actions of the authorities to stir up panic around the coronavirus and appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a demand to tell the truth about the disease. However, the message turned out to be fake.

Initially, the letter appeared on the website, but at the moment the message has been removed from the website. Nevertheless, the text of the letter was widely disseminated on social networks, and not only on behalf of Rosenbaum, but also academician Rinat Akchurin, actor Yuri Solomin, surgeon Leonid Roshal. The media did not publish this information, but only disseminated its refutation.

Rosenbaum himself refuted his authorship of the letter. “An open letter from Rosenbaum to V.V. Putin is circulating on the Internet. Let me tell you briefly. Not mine. I have something to do, ”the bard wrote on his Instagram page.

The letter contains unconfirmed allegations that COVID-19 is supposedly not a particularly dangerous infection, but only “a classic severe acute respiratory viral infection”, and therefore “there is no epidemic in the world, let alone a pandemic.” The author appeals to some “statistical data”, “classical definitions of science”, unnamed “medical specialists”, without citing the sources of his information.

The author of the letter also claims that neither the Ministry of Health, nor the government, nor the media “Still have not given a true explanation of the essence of the disease.” Although, in fact, the authorities have long voiced their position and regularly update information on coronavirus and vaccination.

The author of the letter calls the submission of the global elite of the entire population of the planet by introducing 5G technology and “chipping” to the purpose of stirring up panic around the coronavirus. These and other myths about vaccination have been repeatedly refuted.

The fact that the author, throughout the entire letter, addresses the addressee either on his own behalf, or on behalf of certain persons, can also indicate that the message is unreliable.