Ernst spoke about the prohibition of adult content on the Internet

Konstantin Ernst called the Internet a zone where direct legislation cannot be applied for adults. He shared his opinion during the XXV International Congress of the National Association of TV and Radio Broadcasters, RIA Novosti reports.

The media manager called the Internet a zone where direct legislation is often impossible to apply. According to Ernst, many laws designed to regulate content on the Internet don't actually work. “Many laws on the Internet have already been passed, but they are just not being implemented,” said Ernst, answering the question of whether he advocates for adult content to appear on the Internet.

“There is such a term “Legislomania”, the naive idea that I will accept the law and everything will change, ”he recalled and added that the introduction of the law will not seriously affect the situation on the network. “This, honestly, does not work and will not work for a long time,” said Ernst.

Earlier, the CEO of Channel One speculated about the future of television. In particular, he stated that television will never become outdated. At the same time, as Ernst clarified, the concept of a broadcasting grid is outdated – more and more viewers want to watch television content on the network at a convenient time for them.