Described a way to jailbreak iPhone using glue

Kraken Security hacked the iPhone's Touch ID using

An Apple smartphone can be hacked with regular glue. This is stated in a YouTube video published by Kraken Security.

Security experts have described a way to jailbreak any iPhone with a fingerprint sensor (Touch ID) using glue. The authors noted that smartphone users often leave fingerprints on the panel of the device, which can be used against the owners of devices. The video showed how a fingerprint is transferred to a special film. Then the experts applied a layer of regular office glue to the copy and smeared it with a fork.

After the glue dried, a voluminous fingerprint was obtained. The author of the video put it on his finger and successfully unlocked someone else's iPhone. The video also shows how you can hack any other device with a fingerprint sensor using glue – for example, a MacBook or a digital wallet.

In conclusion, Kraken Security experts noticed that a fingerprint sensor cannot provide complete data protection on the device … The authors recommended using a strong password and two-factor authentication.

In late October, it became known that the Pangu Lab hackers had performed the first remote hacking of a new Apple smartphone. It took one second to jailbreak iPhone 13.