Unexpected benefit from coronavirus pandemic revealed

MAIN: copayments for COVID-19 patients helped doctors get housing Against the background of higher salaries, medical workers began to take out mortgages more often, Ridus reports.

The share of doctors among those who took out loans for housing in Moscow in 2021 increased to 11.2 percent – by three percent compared to last year … The head of the International Academy of Mortgage and Real Estate (MAIN) Irina Radchenko explained that doctors in 2020 began to receive co-payments for patients with COVID-19 – for some, income increased by 20 percent, and this helped them acquire housing. “Banks assess solvency, so for them now doctors are priority clients,” the expert noted.

According to Radchenko's forecasts, the trend will continue in 2022, and a new record will be recorded for the number of doctors who have taken out a mortgage. However, as noted in the MAIN, there are no special loan programs for healthcare workers.

Nevertheless, another professional group became the leader in mortgage registration in 2021. Service workers most often took out loans for housing – they accounted for 19.3 percent of requests. In second place are doctors (11.2 percent), and in third place are employees of oil and gas enterprises (seven percent).

In the top ten were teachers, drivers, sellers of retail stores, builders, employees of the manufacturing sector, wholesale trade , authorities and administration. The least likely mortgages were taken by customs officers, notaries, publishers and entertainment workers.

However, mortgages in Russia have risen in price. In November, large banks raised rates on basic programs by an average of 0.4-1 percentage points. Experts noted that this is due to a sharp change in the key rate of the Central Bank, as well as the possibility of its further increase.