The share of Russians able to save for retirement is named

“SberNPF”: every 16th Russian citizen has his own pension savings

The Russian non-state pension fund “SberNPF” named the share of Russians who are able to save for retirement on their own. It turned out that every 16th Russian has his own savings. The results of the SberNPF poll are cited by TASS.

Russians who save for retirement on their own spend on average 5 percent of their income for these purposes. Residents of retirement age (50-60 years old) form such savings 4 times more often than young people aged 18-30 years old (11 percent versus 2.7 percent). The largest number of Russians with savings was found in Astrakhan (10.2 percent), Vladivostok (9.8 percent), Khabarovsk (9.8 percent) and Ryazan (9.3 percent).

In addition , a significant proportion of the country's residents prefer to control their budget. “More than half of Russians (58 percent) keep records of family income and expenses,” SberNPF found out. At the same time, almost a quarter (22 percent) of households are engaged in long-term and medium-term planning of their budget, “the study says.

The responsibility for planning expenditures is most often assigned to women – control of the budget in the family is carried out by 64 percent of female respondents … At the same time, planning is mainly carried out by people of the older generation. Among respondents aged 40-50, a little more than half (56 percent) keep budget records, among respondents aged 50-60 – two-thirds (68 percent). Young Russians monitor income and expenses much less often (38 percent).

In November, the Russian authorities thought about creating a unified non-state pension plan for the self-employed. According to the Federal Tax Service, 99 percent of those who work for themselves do not save up on their own for old age, so they can only count on the minimum social pension. If the project is implemented, the platforms, with the consent of the employed, will send part of the income of the self-employed from each order to accounts with NPFs.



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