SVR compared the situation in Ukraine with the Ossetian-Georgian conflict in 2008

SVR: the policy of the United States and the European Union deliberately strengthens the sense of permissiveness in Kiev -the Georgian conflict in 2008 and stated that the policy of the United States and the European Union deliberately strengthens Kiev's sense of permissiveness. This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the SVR press bureau.

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The service noted that the “provocative policy” of Washington and Brussels causes extreme concern because of the impunity of the Ukrainian side. “We observed a similar situation in Georgia on the eve of the 2008 events. Then [Georgian President] Mikhail Saakashvili “broke off the chain” and tried to destroy the Russian peacekeepers and the civilian population of South Ossetia. It cost him dearly, “the Russian intelligence warned.

Earlier, the SVR commented on the US data on the timing of Russia's attack on Ukraine. According to representatives of the service, the US State Department is spreading false information that Russia is allegedly preparing to attack Ukraine, for which it is concentrating its military contingent on the borders. The SVR is confident that “Washington officials” are deliberately “intimidating” with Moscow's alleged preparations for an attack on Kiev. In reality, the Russian side has no such plans.

Bloomberg, citing intelligence sources, wrote that in 2022 Russia will attack Ukraine from three sides: from the Crimean peninsula, from the Russian-Ukrainian border and from the territory of Belarus. Also, intelligence officers reported that they shared the intelligence with their European colleagues.