Russians warned of fraud with housing documents

Rosreestr indicated signs of fraudulent sites when requesting extracts from the USRN

Rosreestr revealed a way not to run into scammers and safely obtain documents for housing. The Russians were warned that when they request extracts from the Unified State Register of Real Estate (USRN), they can get to the agency's twin sites. “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” writes about this.

Often, such resources declare the authority to act on behalf of the department and have a structure, symbols, name and other characteristics similar to the official website. To protect yourself from fraudsters, Rosreestr advised first of all to pay attention to the domain name of the site – there may be extra letters and subscripts, such as online, egrp or egrn.

According to the agency's estimates, twin sites are usually registered abroad and owned by individuals. Resources generate requests for access keys using bots. If they cannot receive data from Rosreestr within 24 hours, then they send a second request – because of this, the department's system may be overloaded, the press service indicated.

In most cases, the price for providing information from the USRN is not exceeds the statutory level of 350 rubles. However, the operation of such sites is prohibited, and the data obtained from them may be irrelevant or false. Rosreestr calls on to report illegal resources to the prosecutor's office.

You can order an official extract from the USRN through “State Services”, the websites of Rosreestr and the Federal Cadastral Chamber subordinate to it, and to get up-to-date information about real estate online – on the Rosreestr Public Cadastral Map .

Earlier, the Russians were exposed to a new scheme of fraudsters to steal funds. Since the beginning of autumn 2021, more than 60 Russian-language phishing domains have appeared, offering citizens assistance in obtaining a mortgage. Fraudsters promise to get a home loan without bureaucracy and income confirmation, and then leave clients without money and real estate.