Russian helicopter of the future is described

Head of Russian Helicopters Boginsky: the promising helicopter will be optionally manned The features of the Russian helicopter of the future were described by Andrey Boginsky, CEO of the Russian Helicopters holding company of the state corporation Rostec, in an interview with TASS.

“The machine of the future, first of all, should be optionally manned: both unmanned and manned version”, – said Boginsky, answering a question about a combat helicopter of the future.

The head of Russian Helicopters noted that in a promising helicopter, interaction between manned, unmanned aerial vehicles and ground control points is important. He also stressed that the strike vehicle should receive unified weapons systems that can be used on other aircraft.

Boginsky noted that the shape of promising combat helicopters may differ from the designs familiar today.

Earlier, the head of the Kronstadt company, Sergei Bogatikov, spoke about the launch of missiles from the Termit unmanned helicopter. As part of the initiative work, the drone was tested with S-8L aircraft missiles.

In October, a demonstrator of the Defiant multipurpose helicopter made a record flight. The car developed a speed of 457 kilometers per hour in horizontal flight. The declared cruising speed of the helicopter is 460 kilometers per hour.



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