Areas of Moscow with the cheapest “square” of housing in new buildings are named

“Azbuka Zhilya”: in October, a square meter of housing in Lianozovo cost an average of 175 thousand rubles.

In October 2021, among Moscow districts, the cheapest “square meter” of housing in new buildings could be purchased in Lianozovo – “square” on average it cost 175 thousand rubles. These are the conclusions reached by analysts of the real estate agency “Azbuka Zhilya”, RBC reports.

The Vostochnoye Biryulyovo district took the second line of the rating, where 178.8 thousand rubles would have to be paid for a square meter. Beskudnikovsky District closed the top 3 with 182.3 thousand rubles per square meter. Bibirevo (193 thousand rubles) and Lyublino (194.7 thousand rubles) were also named as districts with a relatively cheap square meter.

More than 195 thousand rubles cost a “square” of housing in new buildings in Altufevsky districts (about 196 thousand rubles) and Molzhaninovsky (198.6 thousand rubles). The top 10 of the rating was closed by the districts where the cost per square meter reached more than 200 thousand rubles: Kryukovo (202 thousand rubles), Kosino-Ukhtomsky (210.5 thousand rubles) and Nekrasovka (216.1 thousand rubles).

In August 2021, realtors from Est-a-Tet came to the conclusion that at least 2.8 million rubles would have to be paid to purchase the cheapest apartment in a Moscow new building. The most affordable option was found in the residential complex “Podvemnaya 14”.



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