The killer of the painter who fell out of the trunk near St. Petersburg confessed to cannibalism

The detainee in the case of a corpse that fell after an accident in the Leningrad region confessed to cannibalism

Petersburg confessed to cannibalism, Channel Five reports.

According to the source, the 23-year-old young man noted during interrogation that he was a cannibal: he wanted to taste human meat and made several attempts.

The detainee revealed details of his other crime. According to him, in 2020, while hunting, he caught and stabbed a passerby. After that, he cut off a part of the body, brought it home and cooked it. The suspect himself hid the corpse in a pipe.

On Sunday, November 21, investigators identified the deceased: it turned out to be 50-year-old painter Arkadi Kazinyan from St. Petersburg. It was assumed that the motive for the murder was revenge. A body with a slit throat fell out of the trunk after a collision with a bump stop on the 24th kilometer of the A-21 Sortavala highway in the Leningrad region.

Later it became known that the crime was committed in a garage on Laboratornaya Street in St. Petersburg: A 23-year-old man stabbed him and then asked a 26-year-old acquaintance to help transport the corpse.



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