The historian described the attitude of the Germans to the Soviet regime in Germany

The local population and the military administration were in a state of suspicion

In the summer of 1945, the territory of Germany was divided into zones of occupation. The eastern zone was administered by the Soviet military administration in occupied Germany (SVAG). One of the authors of the book “Little USSR” and its inhabitants. Essays on the social history of the Soviet occupation community in Germany. 1945-1949 “, candidate of historical sciences, researcher Vladimir Kozlov described the attitude of Germans to Soviet power in Germany in an interview with

According to the researcher, in the first year of the military administration, Soviet specialists and the local population were in a state of psychological alertness. The parties shared not only the memory of the war, but also different living conditions and understanding of the world order.

“The Germans bombarded the military administration with complaints about the behavior of military personnel. Marshal Zhukov acknowledged the validity of these complaints and filled his tough orders to restore order in the Soviet zone of occupation with German meanings, “Kozlov explained.

In turn, the SVAG employees saw fresh images of the swastika and homemade leaflets on the walls. This gave rise to doubts about the loyalty of the local population.

The author of the book noted that the complex of superiority over the vanquished also influenced the relationship between the local population and Soviet specialists. This circumstance aggravated the fear of German residents of Soviet soldiers.

In September, military microbiologist Mikhail Supotnitsky spoke about Japan's attempts to create biological weapons during the Second World War. The destruction of the Kwantung Army prevented the creation of bombs with plague germs.