The United States warned Russia about spying on every step on the border with Ukraine

US State Department spokesman Price announced that Russia's “steps” on the border with Ukraine were being followed

Washington will closely monitor Russia's further actions in regarding Ukraine in the near future, said State Department spokesman Ned Price, writes RIA Novosti.

He commented on the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border and the policy of the US leadership in relation to this issue. According to the diplomat, in the course of bilateral contacts with Moscow, the American side conveyed to Russian politicians that “aggressive or provoking escalation” actions cause concern for the United States and European partners.

“We will coordinate with our allies in responding to these actions, ”Price promised and warned Russia about spying on every step. “We will closely monitor further actions that Russia will take in the coming days and weeks,” he said.

The West accuses Russia of “expanding aggression” and pulling troops to the border with Ukraine. The press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov recalled: the news that Russia allegedly transferred its tanks to the border with Ukraine is untrue and is a stuffing-in.