Raccoon robbed Ovechkin's villa and stole a pacifier

The wife of hockey player Ovechkin Shubskaya spoke about the raccoon that climbed into their villa Capitals ”Alexandra Ovechkina Anastasia Shubskaya told on Instagram how a raccoon climbed into their villa. The animal literally robbed the hockey player's family – he stole the pacifier of his son Ilya.

“He came, took Ilyushin’s pacifier out of the stroller, ran into the bushes with her, returned and, as if nothing had happened, came to our villa in search of food … Barely they drove him away, “the athlete's wife wrote.

Shubskaya also published a photo of a fluffy thief, touched by his paws.

Earlier, the Mirror edition told how a domestic rabbit of a resident of the British city of Derby, Derbyshire , gnawed designer items worth more than two thousand pounds (191.4 thousand rubles).