Russia approves tax incentives for citizens and organizations due to coronavirus

The State Duma Committee exempted a number of Russians and organizations from paying personal income tax and insurance premiums contributions and income tax of a number of citizens and organizations, including due to the coronavirus pandemic, writes RIA Novosti. Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Sazanov explained at a committee meeting that income received by Russians within the framework of incentive measures for vaccination. In addition, funds are exempted from personal income tax in connection with the implementation of gasification. Owners of small and medium-sized businesses and socially oriented non-profit organizations (NPOs) in 2021 will also have benefits: they may not pay income taxes within the framework of dealing with the consequences of the pandemic. From personal income tax and insurance premiums, the incomes of Russians were exempted within the same minimum wage (12,792 rubles), which they listed as state support in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. Personal income tax and income

The United States accused Russia of “reckless” tests of anti-satellite weapons

Department of State: Russia’s “reckless” tests of anti-satellite weapons threaten the ISS … According to State Department spokesman Ned Price, they threaten the safety of astronauts at the International Space Station, RIA Novosti reports. According to him, an anti-satellite missile strike on one of the satellites allegedly provoked the appearance of a large amount of space debris, which now threaten interests of all countries. “In addition, this test will significantly increase the risks for astronauts and cosmonauts working on the ISS. The United States will work with allies and partners to respond to these irresponsible actions of Russia, “Price concluded. Earlier in August, Breaking Defense, citing its own sources, reported that the Pentagon would soon announce and demonstrate a secret space weapons. Experts interviewed by the American publication said that in this way the United States will show Russia and China its new anti-satellite development.

Zakharova appreciated Zelensky's refusal to buy coal from separatists

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zakharova on Kiev's refusal to buy coal: put the United States in place Zelensky to buy coal in the unrecognized territories of Donbass. She wrote about this in her Telegram channel. “He put the United States in its place,” wrote a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, commenting on Zelensky's words that Kiev will not buy coal from separatists. Earlier, Zelensky said that Kiev would not buy coal from the “separatists” in the unrecognized Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics (DPR and LPR). According to him, Kiev will not pay those who do not recognize the independence of Ukraine. On November 10, the press secretary of the LPR delegation Maria Kovshar said that representatives of Kiev in the economic subgroup for Donbass were asked to consider the issue of supplying electricity and coal from the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass on a commercial basis. She clarified that the

Endocrinologist warned of the danger of sudden changes in atmospheric pressure

Endocrinologist Zhito: sudden changes in pressure can lead to weakness, apathy and nausea told in an interview to Channel Five about the danger of atmospheric pressure drops. In Moscow, a sharp change in atmospheric pressure is expected from high to extremely low, in connection with which the doctor warned that this could affect both people with low arterial pressure, and those who have it high. “At low atmospheric pressure, hypotonics may notice weakness, apathy, dizziness, general malaise, even nausea, in certain cases, with a sharp reception of an upright position, even fainting, loss of consciousness is possible,” Zhito noted. The specialist advised during this period, do not overwork at work, do not eat too much food, and also refrain from heavy physical exertion. In addition, the doctor recommended trying to avoid stressful situations, since excessive anxiety can provoke symptoms that can lead to meteoneurosis. Previously, scientists from the University of

The ability of Naftogaz to influence the certification of Nord Stream 2 was assessed

Member of the Energy Security Fund Grivach called the probable deadline for a decision on Nord Stream 2 regulator about the Russian project “Nord Stream-2”, said Deputy Director General of the National Energy Security Fund Alexei Grivach, writes RIA Novosti. According to him, the state-owned company of Ukraine has no arguments that have not yet been presented by the Polish side, and grounds that could change the opinion of the German regulator during certification. “The German Federal Network Agency (BNA) may be interested in connecting Ukrainians. This will explain why they are delaying the decision. And they are pulling because of the protracted process of forming the new government of the Federal Republic of Germany. Nobody wants to take responsibility for such a decision during the shift, ”he assessed the situation. The decision will probably be made no later than the beginning of January, he named the probable dates. On

Germany and France expressed regret over Russia's refusal from the Normandy format

Foreign Ministers of France and Germany Le Drian and Maas regret Russia's abandonment of the Normandy format Foreign Ministers of France and Germany Jean-Yves Le Drian and Heiko Maas expressed regret over Russia's refusal from the Normandy format to resolve the situation with Ukraine. This is stated in the joint ministerial statement, quoted by RIA Novosti. “We express regret that Russia has repeatedly refused to meet at the level of foreign ministers in the Normandy format, and once again express our readiness to meet and interact constructively and substantively, “the message says. Related materials00: 04 – 20 February 2017 Sunset of the WestThe most influential politicians in Munich the world buried the old world order00:01 – October 27 France controlled the former colonies in Africa for 60 years. How did Russian mercenaries push it back? The Foreign Ministers of Germany and France also stated that they are committed to resolving

US claims Russia has conducted dangerous test of anti-satellite weapons

“Russia recklessly conducted a devastating anti-satellite weapon test against one of its satellites. As a result, more than 1.5 thousand debris appeared under observation, and & nbsp; hundreds of thousands of fragments of smaller space debris, which & nbsp; now threatens the interests of all countries, & nbsp; & mdash; State Department spokesman Ned Price said at a & nbsp; briefing on Monday. & mdash; & nbsp; The test will significantly increase the danger to & nbsp; astronauts and & nbsp; astronauts on the & nbsp; ISS. Price added that “the United States will work with allies and partners to respond to these irresponsible Russian actions.” In the meantime The & nbsp; Pentagon stated that & nbsp; the anti-satellite weapons allegedly being developed by Russia threaten the United States, and & nbsp; noted that & nbsp; the world needs common norms for the development of near-Earth space. The first to

Former Trump advisor released from arrest

The court released the adviser of ex-President Trump Bannon from arrest and took away the passport Adviser to former President Donald Trump Steve Bannon with restrictive conditions. Trump's aide was charged with contempt of Congress for refusing to testify about the storming of the Capitol, RIA Novosti reports. Released from arrest, Bannon was ordered to report by phone every week. In addition, the passport of the main ideologist of Trump's presidency will be taken away. He will also have to report his travels outside Washington to the authorities. On the morning of November 15, Bannon surrendered to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), where he was arrested on two counts of contempt of Congress. For each of them, Bannon faces up to a year in prison. The next court hearing, at which the adviser will have to respond to the charges, is scheduled for November 18. The Justice Department accused

Details of EU sanctions against Belarus revealed

Irish Foreign and Defense Minister Kovney: Belavia will be obliged to return EU aircraft EU sanctions against Belarus will include a break leasing contracts with the state airline Belavia. Such details were disclosed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense of Ireland, Simon Kovney, reports Reuters. “The contracts under which the aircraft are leased to Belavia, in fact, will be broken,” the diplomat said. He noted that Minsk will be obliged to return these aircraft, otherwise there will be a trial. In total, the airline's fleet includes 29 aircraft, 17 of which Belavia has leased. Earlier EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell said that the fifth package of European Union (EU) sanctions against Belarus will soon be adopted, this time due to the migration crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border. The migration crisis on the border of Belarus and the EU countries began after the

Kiev called on France and Germany to prepare for the military scenario of Russia in Ukraine

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba: it is necessary to prepare for the military scenario of Russia in Ukraine and Germany, Jean-Yves le Drian and Heiko Maas urged to start preparing for a possible military scenario of Russia in Ukraine, stressing that then there will be no time for this. This was stated by the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry during his conversation with journalists following the meeting, which was broadcast on the Facebook page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. “It was important for me to see that our partners, Germany and France, very clearly understand who does what, what exactly Russia is escalating the situation in various spheres. If Russia starts to act, you will simply not physically have time for coordination, for going through all the bureaucratic procedures, for agreeing on decisions. So please do your preparatory work now. Because if the military scenario works, there