World trade growth slows down

WTO: growth slows down after a sharp rise in the first half of 2021 World trade growth slows after a sharp rise in the first half of 2021 the year following the recession caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Such data was presented by the World Trade Organization (WTO), TASS reports. Thus, the trade index is 99.5 points on a scale of one hundred points, while in August it reached a record 110.4 points. Called the Merchandise Trade Barometer, the indicator reflects trends in global commerce. Recent supply shocks have contributed to the decline in the Barometer, including port congestion due to sharp increases in import orders in the first half of the year and disruptions. in the production of goods that are widely traded, “- believe WTO experts. The World Trade Organization sees this trend as signs of weakening demand. The indices “car trade” (85.9 points), “electronic components” (99.6) are

The United States announced “unusual military activity of Russia” near the borders of Ukraine

Pentagon spokesman Kirby: US military is observing Russian activity near Ukraine's borders military activity of Russia near the borders with Ukraine. RIA Novosti writes about this. “We still see unusual military activity and concentration of forces in Russia, but close to the Ukrainian borders. This continues to worry us, “Kirby said. He also noted the” lack of transparency “on the Russian side regarding the concentration of forces in the western part of the country. “We continue to urge them to be transparent,” he said. Earlier, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, in talks with the Foreign Ministers of France and Germany, Jean-Yves le Drian and Heiko Maas, called on to start preparing for a possible military scenario Russia in Ukraine, stressing that then there will be no time for this. The Foreign Ministers of France and Germany have threatened Russia with “grave consequences” for a “new undermining” of the territorial integrity

The influence of the movie “Fast and the Furious” on Russian drifters is revealed

Racer Efanov: The Fast and the Furious film franchise was the impetus for the development of drifting in Russia in the 2000s Fast and Furious ”on Russian drifters. According to him, the American film franchise gave a great impetus to the development of drifting in Russia in the early 2000s, because at that time there was “nothing more to watch.” He spoke about this within the framework of the special project “Russian Fast and Furious”. “This is the beginning of the 2000s. We had nothing to watch. That's when the first, second and, most importantly, the third film “Fast and the Furious” [“The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”] came out. It was a big impetus for what the boys are doing now for drifting, for racing, for noise, for history, “Efanov said. According to him,” grandfathers drove “Zhiguli, and this few people were interested, but now ten parts of

The Russians predicted a new revolution due to the introduction of robots

“Systematics”: robotization will become one of the pillars of the fourth industrial revolution robots, think about the introduction of new technologies in production. Dmitry Butorin, head of the Directorate for work with industrial enterprises of Systematika company, described the prospects for the country's robotization in an interview with within the framework of the CyberReality project. “Robotization will become one of the pillars of Industry 4.0 (the fourth industrial revolution – approx. “”) , in any case, in that part of it that will be directly tied to the industry, – predicts Butorin. “I am sure that without industrial robots one cannot speak of the onset of the fourth industrial revolution, these are two complementary phenomena.” According to Butorin, the main advantage that robots will give the Russian industry will be flexibility in making changes technological processes. This means that you do not need to train employees to reconfigure enterprises

Infectionist spoke about the ability of the coronavirus to “disguise”

Infectionist Timakov: COVID-19 is disguised not only for ARVI, but also for any diseases the coronavirus is capable of “masking”. The infection causes not only the symptoms of acute respiratory viral infections, but also any other diseases, writes URA.RU. “Coronavirus infection disguises itself as any disease, any ARVI, therefore, there may be upset stools, and headaches, and fatigue , and a runny nose, and a cough, and a sore throat, “- said Timakov. For any ailment, the doctor advised to analyze whether a person could become infected with COVID-19. Any symptom can become a sign of coronavirus, so you need to assess the situation by who the patient communicated with and whether there were carriers of the infection in his environment. “Unfortunately, during the height of the epidemic, nothing is different,” he added. The former chief infectious disease specialist in Moscow, Nikolai Malyshev, confirmed that the coronavirus manifests itself through

USA decided to impose new sanctions against Belarus

Department of State: the US, in coordination with the EU, is preparing a new package of sanctions against Belarus migrants on the border with Poland, the decision was announced by State Department spokesman Ned Price. His words are quoted by RIA Novosti. “We are also, in coordination with the European Union, our partners and allies, are preparing sanctions that will call the regime of (President) Alexander Lukashenko to account for its ongoing encroachments on democracy, human rights and international norms “, – said Price. He added that Washington continues to coordinate action with Europe on further steps towards Belarus. Earlier, White House spokesman Jen Psaki said that the United States is asking Russia to influence the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko because of the situation with migrants. She stressed that the United States continues to work closely with European partners and other allies to hold the regime of the Belarusian

Russia refused to notify the United States about weapons tests

Pentagon spokesman Kirby: Russia did not inform the United States about the weapons tests Russia did not inform the United States about the tests of anti-satellite weapons. This was stated by Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, RIA Novosti reports. “No,” he answered the journalist's question, adding that it was “an irresponsible act.” Earlier US authorities accused Russia of testing anti-satellite weapons, which, according to them, created a cloud of space debris posing a danger to the crew of the International Space Station (ISS). On November 15, space debris that could damage the ISS flew past … Debris can disturb the station in an hour and a half. During the negotiations of the station's crew with the Earth, it was noted that space debris flew past the ISS. Astronauts and ground services are discussing the possibility of returning the crew to the station. The ground service specialist noted that the next flyby

Rogozin will hold talks with NASA

Roscosmos head Rogozin will discuss with NASA the rapprochement of space debris with the ISS on November 16 representatives of NASA who arrived in Moscow. During the talks, the parties will discuss the issue of rapprochement of the International Space Station (ISS) with space debris, TASS reports citing a source in the rocket and space industry. The meeting of the head of Roscosmos and representatives of NASA will take place on November 16 at 11: 00 Moscow time. “It is planned to discuss the rapprochement of space debris with the ISS, which took place on Monday,” the informant emphasized. It is noted that the negotiations were planned to be held earlier. Due to the space debris incident, the range of topics for discussion will expand. The American side will be represented by Joel Montalbano, NASA Program Manager on the ISS, and NASA Assistant Director Robert Cabana. Earlier, State Department spokesman

White House urged Russia to influence Lukashenka

White House spokesman Psaki: US asks Russia to influence Belarusian leader Lukashenko US asks Russia to influence Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko situation with migrants. This was stated by White House spokesman Jen Psaki, quoted by RIA Novosti. She stressed that the United States continues to work closely with European partners and other allies to hold accountable for the “ongoing attack.” the regime of the Belarusian leader. Psaki added that this includes the preparation of further sanctions. At the same time, she refused to answer the question whether Washington considers the Russian authorities responsible for the crisis on the border of Belarus and Poland. “We continue to call on Russia and encourage it to directly use its influence on the Lukashenka regime,” concluded the representative of Bely at home. Earlier, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell said that the fifth package of EU sanctions against

The lawyer of the student who shot down three children revealed the details of the verdict

Lawyer Yakubov: the court sentenced Bashkirova to five years in prison in a colony-settlement Lawyer Albert Yakubov, representing the interests of transition in Moscow Valeria Bashkirova, commented on the sentence passed on her. According to him, the 18-year-old student reacted calmly to the court's decision, Izvestia writes. According to Yakubov, the girl reacted quietly and calmly to the decision, since “she was counting on a real term, given the resonance of the case” … The lawyer also disclosed the details of the verdict: the civil claims of the victims were satisfied in part. In favor of each of them, the court exacted two million rubles from Bashkirova. “Five years of imprisonment in a penal colony. We have ten days to make a final decision: will we appeal or not, ”concluded Yakubov. Earlier it became known that 18-year-old Valeria Bashkirova was sentenced to five years in prison in the Solntsevo District