A model of a bra suitable for any breast shape has been named

Professional bra manufacturer: the balconette model fits any type of breast

half or more open pitted cups). Olivia Hogan, a professional bra manufacturer, told Tyla about this.

“Many people avoid underwired bras because they find them uncomfortable. However, discomfort appears only from an incorrectly selected model. In order to provide the best support, the bones should cover the entire breast and be located strictly underneath it, ”explained the specialist. She added that it is the balconette that is able to lift breasts of any size and shape and at the same time not stand out under clothes.

Hogan emphasized that the bra takes up to 80 percent of the breast weight, and ideally it should not be pulled away from body by more than 2.5 centimeters. In addition, when choosing underwear, she advised to give preference to options with a high central bridge (the front of the bra connecting two cups together – approx. “Lenta.ru” ).

large breasts, according to the expert, it is necessary to abandon the regular wearing of tops in a sporty style. “They [sports bras] pinch your breasts, which over time can deform the tissues and negatively affect the lymphatic system,” she explained.

In June, a former lingerie store employee listed the biggest mistakes women make when buying a bra. Blogger Madison Anne filmed a video showing the difference between the wrong size and the right size.