The authenticity of the leaked data of holders of fake vaccination certificates has been assessed

Expert Bederov: the database with the data of the holders of fake vaccination certificates is fake themselves turned out to be a fake. Their authenticity was assessed in a conversation with RT by the founder of the Internet-Search company Igor Bederov.

According to the expert, the scammers skillfully used the news agenda. “The data in the media about 500 thousand names are unreliable. This is not a real leak from sites, but a banal fake of a database. The news is hype, and this attracted scammers who planned to resort to blackmail and extortion, ”Bederov is sure. The database turned out to contain about 88 thousand names, mostly from Central Asia.

Earlier it was reported that the data of more than 500 thousand Russians from the Moscow region who bought fake vaccination certificates and PCR tests were put up for sale at shadow Internet resources and Telegram channels.

A base of one thousand lines costs 120 dollars (about 8.5 thousand rubles). It contains passport data, SNILS, telephone numbers, residential addresses, as well as information on the dates of obtaining certificates.