Ovechkin spoke about reaching fourth place in the list of the best snipers in the NHL

Ovechkin on the fourth place in the list of the best snipers in the history of the NHL: it means a lot a special moment to reach fourth place on the list of the best snipers in the history of the National Hockey League (NHL). This was announced on Twitter by journalist Samantha Pell. “It means a lot. When you start playing and get into the NHL, you never think that you will find yourself in this position next to these names, ”said the athlete. The Russian also stressed that his entire family appreciates the achievement. Earlier on Saturday, November 13, Ovechkin scored the 742nd goal in his NHL career. This allowed him to bypass American Brett Hull and come out on the fourth place in the list of the best snipers in the history of the league. Ahead of the Russian is Czech hockey player Jaromir Jagr with 766

The Federation Council assessed the issuance of QR codes to Russians who had been ill

Senator Krugly allowed the issuance of QR codes to those who had had COVID-19 with a high titer of antibodies Member of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy, Honored Doctor Russia Vladimir Krugly appreciated the possibility of issuing QR codes to Russians who have had coronavirus. According to him, the bills on the use of QR codes in public places and in transport can be amended accordingly, TASS reports. The Federation Council allowed the issuance of QR codes for Russians who have had COVID-19 who have a high titer antibodies to infection. The senator said that in such a situation it is necessary to “carefully look.” That is, we need some kind of individual approach, ”concluded Krugly. He added that protective measures in the form of QR codes are necessary. Earlier, the head of the Gamaleya Center, Alexander Gintsburg, called the consequences of introducing QR codes. In his opinion,

Microsoft forced the use of the Edge browser in Windows 11

Windows 11 prohibited opening system links in third-party browsers Microsoft prohibited opening system links in browsers other than Edge. This is reported by The Register. The authors noticed that the prefix “microsoft-edge: //” is added to the system links, because of which the content can only be displayed in the Edge browser. Thus, users are forced to access the program built into the OS. Links that open only through Edge include content in the Settings, News, Widgets sections. Journalists recalled that users had criticized this feature earlier. Third-party developers released several utilities that intercepted and removed the “microsoft-edge: //” prefix so that the link could be opened in any browser. Journalists reached out to other browser vendors to comment on the news of the forced use Edge. “People deserve a choice, their choice of default browser must be respected,” said Mozilla, which maintains the Firefox project. “Microsoft needs to understand

The Foreign Ministry announced a demonstrative refusal of the United States to release the imprisoned Russians

Russian Foreign Ministry plenipotentiary Lukyantsev: The United States is making illustrative cases of Bout and Yaroshenko cases law, Deputy Director of the Department for Humanitarian Cooperation and Human Rights Grigory Lukyantsev said that the United States refuses to release the imprisoned Russians Viktor Bout and Konstantin Yaroshenko. The American authorities are trying to present their cases as illustrative cases, RIA Novosti reports. The diplomat stressed that any requests from Moscow regarding these people are rejected, including the transfer to their homeland. “They They constantly say that both Bout and Yaroshenko must serve their sentences in full. Apparently, for the edification of others, ”concluded Lukyantsev. In August, the Foreign Ministry official said that the United States has been hunting Russian citizens in third countries since 2008 in order to extradite them to its territory in the future. The number of such cases has reached 50 and will continue to increase. Among

Opposition political party has released a perfume with a “scent of socialism”

Opposition Samajwadi Party in India has released the Scent of Socialism perfume Opposition Samajwadi Party in Samajwadi State -Pradesh began to release her perfume with the “scent of socialism”, reports RT. The perfume included notes of saffron and sandalwood. MPs believe that when used, these two ingredients evoke strong associations with socialism. The idea to release their own scent came in an attempt to attract voters' attention to their campaign. Party leader Akhilesh Yadav noted that the perfume is intended to embody the spirit of their leftist politics. It was named “The Aroma of Socialism”. People will start using perfume and will feel the “smell of socialism”, he is sure. “This will put an end to hatred in 2022,” the politician emphasized. Perfumers have been developing a recipe for a new fragrance for four months. The perfume contains 22 ingredients: rose, jasmine, sandalwood, saffron and other elements from all over

Apple car design revealed

Designers showed the appearance of an Apple car based on patents Designers from Vanarama bureau have created a 3D model of the future Apple car based on patents filed by the corporation. The concept of the future car is described on the company's website. Externally, the revealed model resembles Tesla's Cybertrack electric pickup, but has less sharp body corners. The images show that the future car will receive a crossover form factor with four doors. The car has a rounded roof with panoramic glazing. Apple Car features retractable doors, LED headlights and taillights, and a Mac Pro-style bumper grill. The cabin has a large touchscreen that allows the driver to receive information from the on-board computer and control the car's functions. The one-spoke steering wheel is located on the right and houses the console for interacting with the Siri assistant. Despite the fact that the car has an electric drive

A virtual assistant for pensioners will appear in Russia

RT: Grozny University has developed a voice assistant for pensioners “Nina” use digital services, computers, and will also allow you to contact emergency services if necessary, writes RT with reference to the NTI press service. Voice assistant “Nina” is now working in test mode. It was developed by the team of the Grozny State Oil Technical University named after academician M.D. Millionshchikov within the framework of the project and educational intensive of the NTI University 2035. The creators of the application note that it compares favorably with Western and Russian counterparts. Most of them are not active offline, unable to write dictation, and also do not know how to independently operate a computer. Experts note that these functions will be included in Nina. “We make the service itself intuitive so that every user, regardless of age and health status, could understand it. The assistant will simply control the computer with

Ukraine predicted a shortage of drinking water

Head of the State Food and Consumer Service of Ukraine Magaletskaya: the country will face a shortage of drinking water … This was reported on the agency's website. According to her, the country is faced with this threat due to outdated standards setting requirements for water quality. In addition, she noted that even these standards are not met by most suppliers. “Today, decisions have begun to be made that will improve the situation – this is to limit the use of phosphates in detergents and some pesticides. However, we need to more actively implement European standards in our country. This is not a question of European integration, it is a question of survival, “Magaletskaya emphasized. She added that the sanitary standards established by the state lack 23 indicators of safety and quality of drinking water contained in the relevant EU directives. < p> Earlier it became known that Ukraine requested

Russians began to steal less alcohol from shops

Delta: the number of thefts in Russian stores and liquor stores decreased by 80 percent since 2020, the number of cases requiring security intervention has dropped by 80 percent. Such data were reported by analysts of Delta Security Systems, RIA Novosti reports. About 200 thousand alarm calls were analyzed over the past and current years. Thus, the number of offenses committed in stores accounted for eight percent of the total number of cases. The most troubled cities were Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Novgorod. The smallest number of incidents was recorded in Magnitogorsk, Smolensk, Kurgan, Togliatti and Ufa. During the daytime, attempts at theft most often occurred in Moscow, Kazan and Chelyabinsk, at night – in Ufa, Krasnodar and Smolensk. Persons without a fixed abode most of all tried to steal alcohol in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. Conflicts with visitors who were in a state of

Biden asked to give pardoned turkeys to animal rights activists for Thanksgiving

Celebrities asked the US leader Biden to give turkeys to animal activists for Thanksgiving … TASS writes about this. The petition with the appeal was signed by singer Billie Eilish, actor Joaquin Phoenix, British comedian Ricky Gervais, actresses Rooney Mara and Mina Suvari. Representatives of the Farm Sanctuary organization, noted, that usually the turkeys pardoned by the White House leader are sent to farms, petting zoos and universities with poultry science programs, where they are likely not to be cared for as individuals with unique personal characteristics, emotions, needs and preferences. At the same time, in the organization, the birds receive high-quality care, they can live in safety all their lives. “Here they will have the opportunity to bathe in the dust, feel the grass under their feet, enjoy an active social life, and receive personalized care,” says a petition on the organization's website. The White House has not yet