Gazmanov's son spoke about the construction of a country house

The son of Russian singer Oleg Gazmanov Rodion built a country house with a fireplace He shared some details of the process in an interview with

According to the portal, netizens are often interested in where exactly Gazmanov built suburban housing. However, the artist refused to disclose the location of the real estate, noting that the information belongs to the sphere of private life.

“Therefore, I think that our viewers and readers will do without this information. I can only say that in this house I was able to embody everything that I wanted to get from a country house: a fireplace, a grill and the presence of a cat. The latter is periodically outgoing, because, like any normal cat, it walks by itself, “Gazmanov said.

In March 2021, Russian actress Marina Fedunkiv, known from the TV series, spoke about life in a country house. Real Boys ”and Comedy Woman show. Such real estate was the artist's main dream. According to Fedunkiv, the desire was associated with her childhood in the village.