Self-employed are prepared to experiment

Self-employed are prepared to experiment The state Duma promises to pass a bill about the taxation. Upstairs Deputies intend to consider a bill to impose a tax special regime for self-employed fall below the corresponding experiment earned in four regions pilot from January 1, 2019. What will be the rate of payment, just not yet known: in the Duma, said about 4%, and the government is about 4% for self-employed, working with individuals, and about 6% for those providing services to organizations. Yet the certainty in which extrabudgetary funds will be split tax — only for OMS or pension insurance. Today at the session of the Duma Committee on budget and taxes, its Chairman Andrey Makarov said that the work on the draft law on the tax for self-employed “really finished”: the document has “worked with all parties — with tax and the Finance Ministry”. The MP said that the

Egor Krid bypassed the Makhachkala side

Egor Krid bypassed the Makhachkala side Who and why has threatened the singer in Dagestan. Upstairs Egor Krid has cancelled a concert in Makhachkala after death threats. The performance artist was held in the capital of Dagestan the day before. But at the last moment the label Black Star decided to cancel the trip. The reason for the comments in social networks — some of the locals insulted the singer and threatened him with death if he dare to come to the Caucasus. What is not so attracted to some people of the Republic popular singer? Figured Alexander Rassokhin. In several communities in “Contact”, dedicated to Makhachkala, dozens of messages accusing the singer of inappropriate behavior, “Fucking ghoul. Don’t come to Makhachkala”; “Cancel the concert or you Khan, in the Republic serious against you.” Egor Krid — popular singer, his polished image — the result of the work of the

Tore the veil: the secrets of the centuries which successfully revealed

Tore the veil: the secrets of the centuries which successfully revealed MOSCOW, 8 sen — news, Tatyana Pichugina. Many great mysteries that have preoccupied the world in the last century, has been forgotten. Some were fabricated, others cracked, others — for example, the Bermuda triangle has ceased to be a source of sensations, since there was a modern navigation tools. Upstairs About the mysteries of the century, no longer relevant — in the material RIA Novosti. Lost Atlantis Mythical island-state Atlantis, inhabited by the warlike descendants of Poseidon, was first mentioned in the “Dialogues” of Plato. According to legend, the island was located behind Gerlovina pillars and fell into the water as a result of the earthquake. All that was left was a pile of silt that impede navigation. NewsGreek farmer accidentally discovered an ancient tomb Researchers two and a half millennia trying to find Atlantis. Looking for her in

The future of the Far outflow

The future of the Far outflow People hope to return to the region investments in infrastructure. Upstairs The introduction of preferential treatment for investors was not enough to stop the population outflow from the Far East — to execute the decree may significantly improve the social infrastructure in the macro-region, says the report of the state Council on Monday reviewed options for the support of this district. The need for Federal money for the implementation of the decree exceeds 2 trillion rubles, the most expensive for the budget can be measures to support demographics (about 700 billion rubles) and to improve the housing conditions of the population (about 650 billion rubles.). In addition, almost 1.5 trillion rubles. need for modernization of main infrastructure of DFO. “B” acquainted with the proposals for development of the Far East, presented on Monday, Vladimir Putin at session of Presidium of the state Council on

FSB sets the third cyber

FSB sets the third cyber The secret service has created a new structure for combating computer crimes. Upstairs The FSB established a new structure to counter cyber attacks on key facilities of Russian infrastructure. Detection, prevention and liquidation of consequences of such crimes lies with the national coordination center for computer incidents (NCCI). Will be chaired by a Deputy head scientifically-technical service — the chief Center of information security and special communications FSB Andrey Ivashko. Coordination of counteraction to crimes in sphere of high technologies could do and the information security Center (Tsib) of the FSB, but it found evidence of high treason, therefore, CDC was one of the coauthors of this program The order of the creation NCCCI was signed by the Director of FSB Alexander Bortnikov. Obviously, he was issued the development of decrees of the President 2013-2017 years about creating and improving the system of detection, prevention

Night in Stockholm when I was a Troll

Night in Stockholm when I was a Troll On the eve of elections in Sweden’s Gabriel Gatehouse studies from Scandinavian mythology. Upstairs I think I really met a Troll that summer night in Stockholm. Thin, dressed in all black… I tried to talk to him, but he ran away — like, frightened me even more than I did. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Long before there was the Internet trolls — people who spend days sitting in front of computer and insult other people online, on the earth lived the real trolls. And they lived in Scandinavia. I learned about them as a child. My mom (and her own mother was half-Swedish), I read about trolls from an old book written in a strange language. Its yellowed pages, like the smell of dust and magic, were covered with drawings depicting giant gnomes sitting around the campfire or hiding in

Records of the Arctic: in the Arctic unprecedented warming

Records of the Arctic: in the Arctic unprecedented warming The temperature increased by more than 3 degrees. Upstairs The average annual temperature in the Arctic zone of Russia was higher than the rate for 3,23°C at the end of last year, according to data from the Ministry of environment. This is a record warming in the twenty-first century. It will continue in the future, ascertain in the Ministry. This could have serious consequences, both biological and economic, experts say. For example, if the end of the century the Arctic ocean is almost free from ice, the transportation of goods will become much faster and cheaper, but the regions on the ocean will be flooded. Record warming in the Arctic zone of Russia in 2017, said in the draft report is of great status and environmental protection in 2017, which acquainted “Izvestia”. In addition, in 2017 in the Russian Arctic, the

“Freezing” the pension can be extended for another year

“Freezing” the pension can be extended for another year The Ministry of labour and social protection is considering the extension of the “freezing” of pension savings for another year until 2021 inclusive. Upstairs Until that time it is planned that the government will decide on the model of individual pension capital (PKI). “The idea of the Ministry of Finance about the IPK is this: they don’t lay somewhere on the far shelf, but just in this budget cycle will be difficult to do, most likely, will not work. It is necessary to make the budget package, we didn’t see him. Therefore, the Ministry of Finance will bring, is likely to freeze again for another year, until 2021,” he told reporters in Vladivostok, labor Minister Maxim Topilin (quoted by “Interfax”). He recalled that “freezing” the pension is valid till 2020. However, according to him, the budget of the Pension Fund money

Sociologists spoke about the nostalgia of Ukrainians in the USSR

Sociologists spoke about the nostalgia of Ukrainians in the USSR MOSCOW, 11 Sep — RIA Novosti. Nostalgia for the Soviet Union is typical for a large part of the citizens of Ukraine, especially in the East and South of the country, about it writes “Ukrainian truth” with reference to the results of a poll conducted by “Kalmiuska group” in partnership with GfK Ukraine. Наверх9фотографий9фотографий9фотографий According to the poll, about 43% of Ukrainians in General and 51% of the residents of Donbass are of the opinion that their life in Soviet times were better. Only in the West among those who believe that the lives of their families in today’s Ukraine is better than in the Soviet period exceeds the number of those who held the opposite opinion (54% vs 31%). In addition, according to the study, about one third of the population of Ukraine and almost half of the population