The future of the Far outflow

The future of the Far outflow

People hope to return to the region investments in infrastructure.


The introduction of preferential treatment for investors was not enough to stop the population outflow from the Far East — to execute the decree may significantly improve the social infrastructure in the macro-region, says the report of the state Council on Monday reviewed options for the support of this district. The need for Federal money for the implementation of the decree exceeds 2 trillion rubles, the most expensive for the budget can be measures to support demographics (about 700 billion rubles) and to improve the housing conditions of the population (about 650 billion rubles.). In addition, almost 1.5 trillion rubles. need for modernization of main infrastructure of DFO.

“B” acquainted with the proposals for development of the Far East, presented on Monday, Vladimir Putin at session of Presidium of the state Council on the development of the macro (the event was part of the start Tuesday on the island of Russian in Vladivostok, Eastern economic forum, WEF).

The authors of the report pointed to a significant gap between the Far East from other Russian regions in key social indicators: life expectancy (the lowest in Russia) to share emergency housing. They fix the need to hold in the region (or attract) 452 thousand.

This figure is required to implement the demographic part of the may decree — if it fails, the population in the macro-region will decrease from 6,165 million people in 2017 to 6,048 million in 2025-M.

The authors of the report suggested Vladimir Putin to Supplement it may decree “in a separate presidential decree, which would be assigned specific tasks for the next six years and the necessary measures to achieve them within the framework of national projects.” Another decree would give a “powerful impetus to work for accelerated development of the Far East”, experts of the state Council.

In General, the program of events for the Far East involves 12 national projects (in total, counting with the infrastructure development plan, prepared them 13). In particular, at increasing the birth rate, made the expert evaluation is required 369,5 bn (mainly on building infrastructure and subsidizing mortgage rates), to reduce mortality (due to the modernization of health and putting in order of roads) — 247,2 billion rubles on the national project for education — advanced 186.3 billion rubles., on environmental measures — are still 217,3 billion.